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Human curiosity for the future originates since the beginning of the universe. Those who believe that destiny cannot be averted even though they desperately wish to read the lines written on the pages of the future. Dear students you also must have gone through such desire during examinations, isn’t it so? While seeing a parrot in cage on the footpath of a busy road you secretly would have wished to ask the parrot to forecast your future- will I sail through the exams successfully or something else may happen? When so many questions and puzzles arise in our mind regarding future is it not a point to ponder that future really is so important?

Dear students, remember, life is not a bed of roses! The complexities and riddles of life are present in all the three spans of life- past, present and future. Among these phases of life most of the people have deep concerns only about the future and they start thinking only about riddles of future of human life. This is not justified and it is only to wander in utopian world. But there are some people who do not bother about the future and they make efforts to make the present beautiful. This difference in attitude towards life is guided by our values, concerns and our dreams. It is a fact that life is not just to remain alive.

The life without human values and philosophy for life is useless and then the life will only be a mere document of breathing, heart-beat and so many other physiological activities. Dear students, remember, you are standing on the starting point of life from where you will have to make a long run rather a marathon run. Life has its own flow and you are sailing in the boat under the currents of life. Here you will have to be very careful and tactful to handle the boat of life. Please handle your life very carefully, tactfully and wisely. Only then you can enjoy the life, you can make use of life that god has gifted you and only then there will be success and pleasure in your life. Dear students, be smart. Now you may ask a question- who is smart? My dear students, a smart boy or girl is that who is witty in replies, quick in responses and shrewd in tackling the situations whatsoever coming in their path.


My final message to my dear ones- “Please do not lose your innocence of childhood, wear a smile and traverse miles and miles in this beautiful world.”

Wishing you all the best in your future career.

Dr. Shashi Shekhar Singh

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